Business Ethics

The Board has set out guidelines for fair and democratic Business Ethics to serve the goal of: benefit to the investor

General Shareholder's Information

Investors will find general information on relevant company contacts, RTA details, financial calendar etc. on this page.

Investors' Services

All relevant contact details that the investors require to address any of their concerns are listed here.

Financial Reports

An annual audit shall be conducted by an independent, competent and qualified, auditor in order to provide an external and objective assurance to the board and shareholders that the financial statements fairly represent the financial position and performance of the company in all material respects.

Investors' Concerns

A dedicated telephone number +91-22-2611-4943 and an email address has been set up to enable investors to directly contact Geologging Information regarding these methods of communication is also on Geologging’s web site, Investors’ Concerns

Shareholding Pattern

GIL’s current and past shareholding are listed here.